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Cheap WOW Gold this point has been confirmed

Forum - we are now the main goal is still to remove game flaws, the game stable. Therefore, in order to program group is not distracted by other work, we decided to settle in a large number of players of the game early and then open forum.Guild Wars 2 (booking) listed less than a week, there is news that hackers made unauthorized" Guild Wars 2 "account, Cheap WOW Gold this point has been confirmed by ArenaNet, NCSoft recommend players for any e-mail notifications about game account The need to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Since last week after the games listed players in various forums that they are worried about the security of their account, and ArenaNet and NCSoft currently no OTP validator safeguards. Forum on >]WOW Gold For Sale the players not seen them in-game items, or their account has been locked. Foreign media Matt Nellis also mentioned received two e-mails from an unauthorized third party trying to reset his account password. Even a gw2 gold player through the game account, these hackers also linked to his account to steal money.

Trade Station - we're trying to make the trade station on the line as soon as possible, before we randomly selected 15% of the players to be tested, when our trading station system is stable enough, and can accommodate a sufficient WOW Gold number of transactions, we will all players open. At present, we have completed the online trading post test, and all players to close the trade station to maintain. Thanks to all the players participating in the test, and you helped us a great deal.

Mail system - we found that the behavior of a potential abuse of the mail system, and temporarily shut down the mail system. We will open as soon as possible. Mail system in order to prevent hacking from players who transfer of any property, when our e-mail authentication system is stable, we will turn on this feature.Plug - we have begun a blow to Buy WOW Gold the plug-in. We have found some mild or non-malignant plug-in behavior, and will be given a 72-hour title punishment for the first time. After the plug blow job, we will be in strict accordance with the original policy, permanent ban those who use the plug-in players.

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We control the number of Cheap WOW Gold servers

These phenomena, especially during peak periods. We are working to resolve these problems and fix them in the most recent updateServer - many servers have reached a saturation point. We control the number of Cheap WOW Gold servers, so that after the peak period in the first, to ensure that there are still a certain number of buy gw2 gold players in each server. When necessary, we will increase the number of servers, for example, on Thursday, the German server and French servers are full, so we'll add two groups of German server as well as a group of French server.

The shunt server - the first design shunt server, in order to solve the problem of hoarding a large number of players early in the game and cause confusion in the novice area. So when a regional number is WOW Gold For Sale too large, the newly arrived player will be assigned to the the shunt server. If you and your teammates are not in a shunt server, you can right-click on your teammate's avatar and choose to join. However, due to the above-mentioned team system, there are some problems, so this feature sometimes fail.

The Mike O'Brien Further official website and other retail channels to sell the game, WOW Gold so you can clearly grasp the purchase of the number of games. The approach of the game is not a wise practice if the number of players to buy the game beyond the maximum limit of the server can accommodate, continue to sell at the official website.Mike O'Brien pointed out that such behavior in the game industry is not common, but for me personally, but it is a simple decision, "Guild Wars 2" want to allow players to long-term play games, I personally hope that all players to have the best quality of the game, however.

I also know that if we suspend the selling of the game, the players understandingE-mail authentication - the mailbox authentication system work the way: your account from a new location never logged login, your mailbox will receive an e-mail, to apply for the login permission. So, even if people know your "Guild Wars 2" password, he must also know that your Buy WOW Gold e-mail password to login game. You can also provide two-factor authentication by using GOOGLE or Yahoo this mailbox to further increase the security of your account. E-mail authentication system has been on line.Team, Accountants and other social systems - the team, the Society and other social systems present many problems. Example, players can not be displayed on the map, as well as the transition region is not in the same shunt server.

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exclusive Buy GW2 Gold interview with foreign media

ArenaNet president and co-founder Mike O'Brien accepted an exclusive Buy GW2 Gold interview with foreign media in the United States 29 to show the determination to maintain the quality of the game in addition to dishing out large-scale account suspended action gamers have purchased in order to maintain the quality of the game , the company will not hesitate to temporarily stop selling "Guild Wars 2".Mike O'Brien, ArenaNet's top priority is to ensure that all players are able to play from the gw2 gold GW2 Gold game to get the best quality, "Guild Wars 2" has been developed for five years, and the company's future will continue to maintain, update game .

Unexpected sales lead to game players who have Cheapest GW2 Gold purchased the rights and interests have been damaged, ArenaNet will suspend selling gameEliminate the specter of the mausoleum.The Ascalon officers.Had killed the ghost of Ascalon: 0/15Beat Masters La Nina and Vaasa.Beat black blood Cachia. Beat Necromancer Miao Nirvana.Defeat the Ed Byrne king.

In the story mode, Ayr, Tolstoy Gore in finding the sword of King Ed Byrne - Magda, GW2 Gold For Sale Lai Luoke sulfur trying to stop her in her disturb those restless ghost before Ascalon. In this action, it was found that the powerful dark forces are pouring from the dungeon deep underground.In the exploration mode, Eyadema repair the trouble of trying to solve this unknown dark forces caused the player must select one of the three solutions. Each way will open a unique version of the underground city, to decide the team to face the enemy.

Many ghost here is a collapse in living in this trainer.A copy of the position:Story Mode Norn family hero Al Tolstoy Gore, has entered the full of the ghosts of the ancient catacombs. The Lai Luoke sulfur want before Cheap GW2 Gold you disturbed in Al King Ed Byrne who passed away people who find her.TargetTo find out what happened in the Ascalon Catacombs.Find Al, Tolstoy Gore.

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but has Cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold breached the terms

Due to the relationship between the game just listed, "Guild Wars 2" At present there are still many problems remain unresolved, re-board game, for example, can be repeated to open the chest, or goods merchants normal price much lower than the actual due. Although the player did not take advantage of these vulnerabilities using illegal plug, but has Cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold breached the terms of the official user. With this warning, Players see unusual game situation, gw2 gold can not see the hunters hi, remember that the best strategy is to be reported to authorities.Account security - we received a lot of hacking behavior, as well as trying to hacking behavior report.

We believe that these ones are in the account information stolen from other gw2 gold games and websites, and try to match this information with Guild Wars 2 players account information. In order to stop their behavior, we shut down the password reset function, and launched a mailbox authentication function. We also hope that the players for the protection of their own purposes, using a unique password, and other mailbox password and the game password distinction open to "Guild Wars 2".

Guild Wars 2 dungeons as part of a personal story and a map to explore, Guild Wars 2 is also one of the characteristics of the system, underground city a total of eight, known in the gw2 gold game today, we give a detailed Guild Wars 2 Gold solution Ascalon underground this a copy of the tomb, and we may only care about the upgrade and ignore the exploration of the underground city, in fact, the reward of the underground city is still pretty lucrative Oh, cool Dungeons package waiting for you to search for it, take a look at this copy !

Level range: 30, 35 Belongs Region: AscalonType: Underground CityBackground story:scalon Catacombs, the underground area in Ascalon Charles territory. After a collapse, the entrance is blocked, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold it is still part of the human heritage of this area. [1] at 30, the gw2 gold players can experience the story mode in this dungeon can experience the exploration mode; 35. Here, the player must return to calm unrest specter haunted Catacombs.

The full level players can enter, but will be automatically downgraded to the level of Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold restrictions on more than four.Online game produced by ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 was officially listed 28 actions, in order to provide players a fair gaming environment, the official players recently to take advantage of the loopholes in the game to earn interests temporarily / permanently suspended account According to official information, there are already Guild Wars 2 Gold For Sale more than 3,000 accounts were permanently suspended, is also a punishment of more than 1,000 account been suspended 72 hours.

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victory against a foe Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold that continues

In the following years, the Titans were revealed as false gods and many of the Charr renounced their faith to start their own legions: Iron, Blood, and Ash. Each of these groups work together for Guild Wars 2 Gold the betterment of the race, but the Flame Legion remain loyal to their fiery Gods, causing chaos and spreading disorder wherever they can.

One of the only places the Charr have been unable to conquer is Ascalon City. Populated by ghosts unleashed when the King of Ascalon brought forth the Foefire, Charr forces have been unable to win a decisive victory against a foe Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold that continues to return from the dead. Nevertheless, they have become experts with war technology, inventing siege engines and firearms and spreading them throughout the world.

The Charr capital I spent the most time in was the Black Citadel, headquarters of the Iron Legion. As ominous looking as it sounds, the Black Citadel is a huge dark sphere made of metal which houses the forges Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold where weapons are built along, traders, merchants and even an underground coliseum to house gladiatorial battles. The citadel was original built upon the ruins of the human city of Rin, of which you can still find remnants.

The beginner area of the Charr was by far the most interesting, and the most difficult of the bunch. It started with simple tasks like cleaning up tools and slaying vermin, but quickly lead to taking down garrisons ofFlame Legion troops and Guild Wars 2 Gold For Sale fighting the ghosts of Ascalonian heroes in an underground tomb. One mission allowed me to become a Charr version of Peter Venkman, capturing spirits in homage to Ghostbusters.

To fans of the original Guild Wars, the Charr is the race to choose if you want nostalgia. As I headed east, further into Ascalon, the map continued to expand. I walked through the same fields I had many years ago and Cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold found myself in the haunted ruins of Ascalon City. It made me sad to see the place in such a sad state, but this emotion was quickly removed by the large number of restless ghosts after my blood.

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